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Teaching Resources in Framingham, Massachusetts

Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics in Framingham, Massachusetts, offers teaching resources for students that struggle with math. Founded by Professor Mahesh Sharma, these resources help teachers and parents provide better guidance to students with learning difficulties.

Professor Mahesh Sharma is the founder and President of the Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics of Framingham, Massachusetts and Berkshire Mathematics in England. Berkshire Mathematics facilitates his work in the UK and Europe.

Teaching Experience

He is the former President and Professor of Mathematics Education at Cambridge College where he taught mathematics and mathematics education for more than thirty-five years to undergraduate and graduate students. He is internationally known for his groundbreaking work in mathematics learning problems and education, particularly dyscalculia and other specific learning disabilities in mathematics. 

Other Accomplishments

He is an author, teacher, teacher-trainer, researcher, consultant to public and private schools, and a public lecturer. He was the Chief Editor and Publisher of Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics, an international, interdisciplinary research mathematics journal with readership in more than 90 countries, and the Editor of The Math Notebook, a practical source of information for parents and teachers devoted to improving teaching and learning for all children.

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